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Clark County Southwest Regional Wastewater Treament Plant Solids Facility Improvements

  • Location: Medway, Ohio
  • Engineer: Hazen and Sawyer
  • Contractor: Winelco

Equipment Supplied: Huber Technology's RoS3Q 440 screw press, Velodyne's Veloblend polymer feed system

Project Summary: Hazen and Sawyer were selected to design a new biosolids dewatering facility. Based upon pilot demonstrations, the Huber Technology RoS3Q 440 screw press was selected for biosolids dewatering. Per the specified performance requirements when receiving 1.5% waste activated, aerobically digested feed solids the RoS3Q 440 consistently meets cake solids of 17%. So far the press has out-performed the project requirements and the facility has seen dry solids as high as 21%. The screw press achieves these dry solids, while operating at less than 2 RPM.