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Universal Blower PAC

3C Hybrid

The 3C Hybrid from Universal Blower Pac combines the advantages of a helical screw compressor with the reliability and performance of the 3C PAC sound attenuating enclosure that customers have utilized for years.

Helical Screw Compressor

The helical screw compressor offers a number of advantages compared to traditional dual and tri lobe rotor assemblies. Features of the helical screw compressor include:

  • Energy savings by allowing the blower to operate across a greater range of temperatures and RPM.
  • Reduced noise due to pulsation reduction.
  • Low operating temperature due to air movement through the helical screw.
Helical Screw Compressor

Package Features

The helical screw compressor is the heart of the 3C PAC sound attenuating enclosure which features:

3C Hybrid from Unviersal Blower PAC
  • Compact Design - Small footprint
  • Side by Side Installation
  • All Maintenance Performed From Front of the Unit
  • Robust Enclosure –Indoor and outdoor installation
  • Auto Tensioning Belt System reduces maintenance
  • Independent Electrical Fan –Fan cools the blower independently of blower operation
  • Powder Coated Interior and Exterior

Universal Blower PAC has over 5000 installations, across all 50 states. You can learn more about them by visiting http://universalblowerpac.com/ or by contacting your local Pelton Environmental Products representative.