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The Roberts Filter Group: Aries Removable Managed Air System

roberts filter groupThe AriesĀ® Managed Air System is a revolutionary filter air scour system. The Aries is the preferred method of auxiliary wash for the cleansing of a filter, since it provides thorough cleansing of the entire filter bed versus surface wash systems or passive air systems which are only effective in the top layer of the filter bed.

The Aries Managed Air System provides "bottom-to-top" cleaning action which passive air systems do not. The location of the Aries Managed Air System at the gravel/media interface allows the introduction of pressurized air directly into the bottom of the filter media. By releasing pressurized air directly into the media, 100% of the air's energy is used to scour the media. In passive air/water under drains, the under drain absorbs most of the air's energy. By managing the air in a pressurized environment until it is introduced into the media; superior distribution is achieved which provides excellent cleaning at lower airflow rates.


  • Aries can be installed without removing or replacing filter media or under drain. System can be removed for maintenance or inspection without removing filter media.
  • Reduce backwash water by over 50%
  • Less air volume required than other air scour technologies
  • Modular design to fit any size filter