What's New

Cincinnati MSD Mill Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Dewatering Polymer System Replacement

  • Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Engineer: Black and Veatch
  • Contractor: Building Crafts

Equipment Supplied

Velodyne system including (3) Veloblend Model VMT-125P-2400-Rw Liquid polymer blending systems, (2) Seepex neat polymer recirculation pumps, (2) Seepex neat polymer unloading pumps, (7) Seepex solution metering pump systems, Bulk polymer storage, (5) temporary polymer blending systems, and 1 year service agreement.

Project Summary

Black and Veatch designed a replacement of Mill Creek’s aging polymer blending system. Based upon factory and site visits, Velodyne’s Veloblend technology utilizing hydro-mechanical mixing energy was specified as the base bid supplier. Velodyne’s scope of supply included system responsibility including pumps, tanks, blending units, controls, and temporary systems and service throughout construction. Each of the three new polymer blending units is capable of up to 125 gph neat polymer flow and 400 gpm dilution water flow.