What's New

Greensburg, Indiana New Surface WTP

  • Location: Greenburg, Indiana
  • Engineer: HNTB
  • Contractor: F.A. Wilhelm Construction

Equipment Supplied

Roberts Filter stainless steel trilateral underdrain, Force Flow chemical scales, Universal Blower Pac positive displacement blowers.

Project Summary

F.A. Wilhelm constructed a new 5.5 mgd surface water treatment plant designed by HNTB. Included in this plant are solids contact clarifiers, gravity filtration, chemical storage and feed facilities, and water storage tank. Roberts stainless steel trilateral underdrains were selected for the (8) 15’ x 20’ filters. Roberts stainless steel trilateral underdrains are more robust than other stainless underdrains being manufactured from 14 gauge stainless steel opposed to 20 gauge stainless being utilized by many of our competitors. Additionally, the Roberts stainless steel underdrain is a true dual parallel lateral design allowing for more precise backwash distribution.