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InventĀ® HyperClassic Mixer

Invent Environmental Technologies HyperClassic MixerThe Invent HyperClassic Mixer is a vertical shaft mixer with a hyperboloid shaped mixer body installed close to the bottom and a dry mounted drive. In contrast to other products, it was developed and designed especially for applications in the area of water and wastewater treatment.

The way the hyperboloid mixer functions can be seen in the illustration below. The mixer is pictured with its three main components; the drive, the shaft, and the hyperboloid mixer body which is capable of performing in rectangular, circular, and other tank geometries.

The hyperboloid mixer rotates close to the bottom and its 8 integrated and specially optimized motion fins produce a bottom flow which directed radially outwards. Particularly at the bottom, this flow is turbulent and effectively whirls up depositions. Invent HyperClassic MixerAlong the walls the flow rises upwards and transports all particles until they are just below the water surface. On the water surface the speed has been reduced to such an extent that no further turbulences can be produced and oxygen input via the water surface can be effectively avoided. Due to the flow on the water surface which is directed towards the shaft, all particles are distributed evenly throughout the tank. Finally, in the center of the tank the water is again transported downwards along the shaft. A vortex-shaped main flow is created throughout the whole tank, which ensures excellent homogenization.

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