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MeadWestvaco Versacomb Matrix Vapor Adsorbers for Odor Control

MeadWestvaco VersacombMeadWestvaco has been providing odor control solutions and protecting assets from the damaging effects of corrosive gases in industrial and municipal facilities for over 30 years.

MeadWestvaco has developed a new activated carbon media arrangement for handling odor and corrosive gases, the Versacomb Matrix. The Versacomb Matrix offers simplified operation and maintenance as well as reduced cost of ownership compared to traditional pellet systems


MeadWestvaco VersacombThe Versacomb matrix is configured into modules as seen in the photo to the top right. These modules are then arranged in series within the unit. The number of modules included in a unit is determined by the size of the system as well as the concentration of gases within the environment. Air is pulled into the system by the fan located on the unit and passes through the arrangement of modules, similar to a furnace filter. As media becomes utilized, the module in the front of the system is removed, the remaining modules are moved forward a slot, and a new module is entered into the end of the system.

Advantages of the Versacomb Matrix:

Power Consumption: Versacomb Matrix systems have up to a 60% decrease in pressure drop compared to pellet based systems, reducing fan horsepower requirements.

Great for Retrofits: Versacomb systems require half the space of pellet based systems

MeadWestvaco VersacombEase of Maintenance: Changing a Versacomb module is as easy as changing a furnace filter. No vacuum trucks, pellet handling, or confined space entry.

Media Utilization: Breakthrough in pellet based systems commonly occurs after only 60% media utilization. Through proper rotation of the Versacomb module 100% of media is utilized.

Pelton Environmental is proud to represent MeadWestvaco in Ohio and Kentucky. If you would like to learn more about MWV's odor and corrosion control products please feel free to contact us or you can learn more at MWV's website: www.meadwestvaco.com