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Process Solutions Inc. MicrOclor On Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generation

MicrOclorProcess Solutions Inc. MicrOclor OSHG system is a third generation system resulting from over twenty years of research, development, and installation experience. OSHG is a safe, economical alternative to other disinfectants used in water and wastewater.

Why On-Site Hypochlorite Generation?

Chlorine is a well-known disinfectant used in water treatment, however the dangers associated with chlorine gas and costs associated with bulk sodium hypochlorite have driven a demand for another method of disinfection.


The relatively low cost of electricity and salt in our region makes OSHG an attractive means of disinfection. Economic analysis of many applications in Ohio and Kentucky has shown savings in the first year of operation when compared with existing or other disinfection technologies.

Features of MicOclor System

Vertical Format - Instantaneous removal of hydrogen gas for increased operator safety

High Efficiency – Patent pending design provides more efficient generation than industry standard of 3.5 pounds of salt and 2.5 kw/hr per pound of chlorine

High Velocity Electrolyte Flow – Provides scouring of plates drastically reducing scaling and need for acid cleaning

Pelton Environmental is proud to represent Process Solutions Inc. in Ohio and Kentucky. If you would like to learn more about PSI's MicrOclor system or their complete product offering please feel free to contact us or visit PSI's webpage at www.4psi.net.