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PWTech FloatSep

Vortexing Baffle System for Water Surface Control


Download Floatsep [PDF] - 6.60MB

Floatable Solids along the beds of rivers and streams are unsightly and cause public complaints. Furthermore, removing floatable solids can be difficult and costly. PWTech's FloatSep offers an effective, economical solution to controlling floatable solids.

How It Works

  1. In the CSO chamber, a horizontal baffle is installed to keep materials from reaching the chamber's existing control weir, and a vertical baffle is added to facilitate the generation of a vortex that draws all solids to the controlled outlet of the structure.
  2. When properly designed, the vortex that is generated increases in force as the rate of overflow continues. This vortex not only draws floating materials from the surface of the regulator, but also inhibits the flow of these materials under the horizontal baffle, improving the capture of materials that would otherwise be released to the receiving waters.

Advantages of the FloatSep System

  • No head loss
  • Requires no external power
  • Installation without major structural modifications
  • Removal of 90% of solids at 1Q flow ( 85% of annual overflow volumes are below this rate)

If you would like to learn more about PWTech's FloatSep or have an application you would like for us to review please contact us.