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Tower Press™ by Charter Machine Company

Over two decades of proven performance.

Charter Machine Company
The Tower Press is truly the number one belt filter press for municipal and industrial applications. High cake solids, improved capture rates, greater through-put, along with long lasting performance, add up to greater efficiency and a lower overall cost of operation.

What sets Tower Press apart? EVERYTHING!

Stacked Pressure Rollers

The improved design begins with the vertical arrangement of the rolls. This enables every pressure roll to have a minimum of 205˚ belt wrap, which maximizes time under pressure and guarantees high cake solids.

Individual Drain Pans

This vertical arrangement allows every drop of water removed by the belts to cascade through a series of stainless steel drip pans positioned under each roller, which eliminates the rewetting of any sludge cake between the belts.

Elevated Discharge

The Tower press features an elevated discharge that's more than 6 feet from the base of the press frame making it easier to allow for conveyors or auxiliary equipment.

Center Pivot Tracking

The unique center pivot design improves belt alignment by adjusting both sides of the belt simultaneously.

Charter Machine Tower Press™
Pneumatic Operation

Our pneumatic belt tensioning maintains consistent and even tension on the belt at all times for smooth operation and longer belt life.

One Piece Bearings

One Piece BearingsThe Tower Press utilizes a one-piece pillow block housing with a gasketed end cap and self-aligning double row spherical bearings. All bearings have a quadruple lip seal.

Available Sizes

The Tower Press and Regent Models are manufactured in 0.7, 1.2, 1.7 and 2.2 meter belt widths.

How it works is innovative.
How it performs is amazing.

Over the years the Tower Press has evolved in direct response to operator suggestions which has made it a better and easier to operate and maintain dewatering system.

  • The Tower Press "hands-off" design reduces manpower hours and therefore overall operating costs.
  • The entire dewatering process can be observed from ground level, reducing plant design and construction costs.
  • Doctor blades and plows are pneumatically actuated for easier operation and clean up. Only the Tower Press and Regent Models offer this exclusive feature.
  • Center pivot tracking rolls eliminate one-sided belt stretch and deliver smoother and quicker response to belt misalignment. This provides longer belt life and more consistent performance.
  • Rigid tensioning assembly adjusts belt tensions with parallel movement.
  • Optional filtrate recycle feature eliminates the need to utilize outside water sources for belt cleaning during operation.
Tower Press™ Charter Machine Company