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Northeast Ohio

Regional Sewer District Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant FCR-6

  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Engineer: NEORSD
  • Contractor: Shook Construction

Equipment Supplied: WesTech clarifier modifications and NEFCO density current baffles

Project Summary: The NEORSD Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant has twenty 120 foot diameter by 16 foot side water depth secondary clarifiers that required extensive modification to increase performance. As a part of contract FCR-6, the drive cages and influent baffles were to be removed from clarifiers 3-10 and replaced with new drive cages and energy dissipating inlets. In addition to these modifications density current baffles were to be installed on clarifiers 3,4,7, and 8. This project completed the rehabilitation of all 20 clarifiers, all of which were performed by WesTech.

Pelton Environmental was pleased to provide this equipment on behalf of WesTech and NEFCO.