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Aeration Industries Tri-Oval Oxidation Ditch

Perfecting Oxidation Ditch Technology

Oxidation ditches are reliable, have the ability to handle high peak flows, and with the proper configuration offer biological nutrient removal. These key factors have made them one of the most popular secondary processes in the wastewater treatment industry. The Aeration Industries Tri-oval system utilizing the Triton mixer/aerator has all of these abilities in addition to a number of other key benefits.

Process and Operation Optimization

The Tri-Oval system utilizes Aeration Industries Triton mixer/aerator. The Triton comes with a 900 rpm marine boat type propeller mixer in addition to an independently operated regenerative blower. The independence of mixing and aeration allows for better process control and the ability to achieve biological nutrient removal. As the system responds to D.O. or O.R.P. probes it is able to turn the blower off to meet the process demands and save energy while the mixer remains operational to keep solids in suspension

Ease of Maintenance

Discs, rotors, and other surface aerators are heavy and difficult to maintain. When these products fail or require maintenance cranes and other large equipment are required to perform the work. All maintenance for the Triton mixer/aerator is done from the bridge and requires only standard hand tools.

Aeration Industries Tri-Oval Oxidation Ditch