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EDI FlexAir® StreamLine Diffuser System

edi FlexAir® StreamLine diffuser systemEDI FlexAir® StreamLine diffuser system is the result of a 100 years of aeration technology, design expertise, and application engineering. The StreamLine diffuser family includes multiple sizes and arrangements to meet your specific aeration needs.

Streamlining Your Aeration System

  • Fully integrated engineered solution for performance and reliability
  • High horizontal projected area option for maximum OTE performance
  • Full circumferential perforation option for maximum flow capacity
  • Precision perforation technology for optimum oxygen transfer, uniform air release, and low operating pressure
  • Triple check valve design prevents entry of liquid/solids into piping
  • Advanved technology premium quality membrane materials available in EPDM, urethane, or special polymer blends
  • Coupling and integral supports provides unrestricted thermal expansion and maximum mechanical integrity for high load environments including high velocity, high soilds, or mobile media (IFAS).

Streamlining Your Investment

  • Up to 33% reduction in system installation time
  • Fully replaceable membrane element and up to 50% reduction in membrane replacement labor.