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HUBER Technology Opens North Carolina Based Factory

The journey began in 2016, as HUBER Technology started searching for a new facility to increase its office space and manufacturing capabilities.

The need to increase manufacturing stemmed not only from yearly increases in order intake but also from local restrictions such as the “American Steel act” and the “Buy American Act.” The patriotic drive was so strong, in fact, that HUBER began producing and assembling some machinery several years ago. Within the past few years, however, the growth in opportunities stretched the limited space at the former, smaller facility in Huntersville. This strong growth trend forced HUBER to search for a larger room for its expansion. They finally found the right spot with the right incentives in Lincoln County, in Denver, NC.

Various advantages for the employees also drove the decision to move to Denver. The new location will be reasonably close to the old office building and still around the same distance from Charlotte, with excellent access to all daily needs. As a result of the well-chosen location, none of the employees left the company. Additionally, the new facility offers more than 21,000 sqft of office, conference, and training space and more than 44,000 sqft for the manufacturing, for approximately 75,000 sqft of space.

HUBER will focus on production for screening products, including the RakeMax and the WAP. In time, they hope to be able to produce nearly the full HUBER product range for the US market.

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Huber Technology Denver NC Facility